Volunteer Training

Welcome Komen Atlanta Volunteers!

Now it’s time to learn some basic information about Komen Atlanta and Komen’s Breast Health Messaging. Being familiar with these details and the materials you’ll have at local health and information fairs will come in handy when people ask you questions about Komen Atlanta and their breast health.

To help prepare you, we have developed this training module with a few final questions we’ll ask you to submit to our Volunteer Manager. All the information you’ll need is contained in the documents and videos below.

Komen Atlanta Volunteer Training

Volunteer Training Files

These are the two most common documents you will have with you at Komen Atlanta informational table events such as Fit for the Cure and health fairs.
Breast Self Awareness Card PDF
Breast Health Basics PDF

Volunteer Review
To be completed after a full review of the Komen Atlanta presentation, the Training Files, and the Breast Cancer 101 videos below.

Current Volunteer Needs: 
View a list and sign up for current volunteer opportunities.

Video 1: Breast Cancer Facts (1:06)
Video 2: Genetics & Breast Cancer (2:10)
Video 3: Breast Self-Awareness (2:42)
Video 4: Living a Healthy Lifestyle (0:41)
Video 5: Specific Populations (4:27)
Video 6: Medical Imaging (1:34)
Video 7: Diagnosis (1:34)
Video 8: Cancer Types and Treatment (1:58)
Video 9: Local Therapy (0:56)
Video 10: Systemic Therapy (3:39)
Video 11: Integrative and Complimentary Therapies (1:55)
Video 12: Survivorship (1:10)


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