Health Equity Requires Social Equity

Dear friends,

The names and faces of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and too many others have entered our home, shining a bright and much-needed light on our nation’s dark history of racial injustice. We have and will continue to mourn for those who have needlessly lost their lives to intolerance, injustice and racism.

The African American community faces deeply rooted economic, social, and health disparities. Komen Atlanta condemns racism in all forms, and we’re committed to continuing to do our part to enact systemic change to achieve health equity and eliminate disparities for African American women in Greater Atlanta.  We believe that where a person lives and the color of their skin should never dictate their ability to access quality health care.

As a team, we are committed to supporting people of all races as we stand in solidarity and uplift the voices already in this fight. We have the courage to speak up, show up, listen, and learn – together. We are devoted to inspiring and empowering ourselves and others to take action against prejudice and hate.

In 1963, Martin Luther King Jr. famously wrote, in his now renowned “Letter from Birmingham Jail,” that the American South of his time tragically lived “in monologue rather than dialogue.” Now, more than ever, we must continue the dialogues about the challenges in our society. We must discuss the opportunities for change. We must shape a better world for tomorrow – a world where everyone feels valued and safe.

Just as we promise we will not rest until we live in a world without breast cancer, we will not rest until we live in a world where all people are treated equally.

I am grateful for you and your support and commitment beyond Komen Atlanta. Take care of yourselves and each other.

With love,

Cati Diamond Stone