Monday Moms

LaTeacha Coleman was diagnosed with breast cancer in her 20s. A few years later she was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. LaTeacha is a wife, a mother, and an advocate. She also is a survivor. This is her story:

Mother and cancer are two words I never thought would go together.   As a young woman I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 25 and re diagnosed at the age of 28. My husband and I had all type of plans of having lots of children until one day the doctor told me that it would be impossible  for me to have a baby,  I felt like my whole world had stopped. With so many wide ranges of emotions, I was so angry with God saying that GOD gave me cancer and took away my rights to reproduce children for my husband.  I remember crying and saying why me, God do you hate me.   With a loving husband, I just want to be a mom and have a great family.  One day after realizing that I would not be able to physically birth any babies, my husband and I decided to adopt. On June 30, 2012, around noon I read an article about a woman whose children were taken away because she has stage 4 cancer, and had recently passed away. I remember crying to my husband and saying what kind of life would my child have by having a mom with stage IV cancer.   That afternoon my husband and I received a call from the adoption agency and was told about  our son that had just been born 8 weeks early.   I realized that all those times I cried, God felt my pain and heard my prayers.  I realized God never abandoned me, he was with me the whole time. Being a mom and a metastatic breast cancer survivor has been a blessing.  My son has given me so much to live for and has given me a purpose and the reason why I was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer.   If I was ever given an opportunity to live my life without cancer I wouldn’t do so because I would have never met my son DJ.  God has allowed me to blessed to be a good mom to my son.  Today, I stopped fighting  myself, because I love my son and being a mom to him has completed my heart and one day in the near future adopt more children.  I will continue to fight for my family.