Tips, Timeline & Spreading the Word

Whether you’re hosting a car wash, a tennis tournament, craft fair or carnival, every event host will see the benefits of good planning. The tabs below will help you organize your event to increase your chance of success. 

    6 Weeks Prior to  your fundraiser…

    ___  Contact us with event information! We are here to help. Please contact us with your event details and any questions you have.

    ___ Determine your fundraising goal.

    ___ Depending on what your event entails, begin researching t-shirt companies or other fundraising items. (Don’t forget to check out the options on ShopKomen!)

    ___ Begin reaching out to local stores and organization members for donations and sponsors. See the FAQ and Guideline pages for sponsor considerations)

    ___ Assemble your team to help you with outreach and promotion. People will support you. All you have to do is ask!

    4 Weeks Prior…

    ___ Order shirts and/or promotional gear

    ___ Continue to recruit volunteers

    ___ Create a Facebook event. Invite friends and organization members to share on social media. Include event details and fundraising goals, along with a link to your More Than Pink Project campaign page (if applicable).

    2 Weeks Prior…

    ___ Create event program (if needed)

    ___ Remind donors of donation requirements – list of items, when to be delivered, wrapped, etc.

    ___ Advertise your event. Pink streamers, posters, etc. Anything to remind them about the event! Continue to promote your event on social media, with posters, flyers, etc. Include event details and breast cancer stats.

    ___ Contact local news to inform them about your event.

    Week of/Day of Event…

    ___ Distribute t-shirt/giveaways

    ___ Set up table at entrance for donations or info pamphlets. Remind people if they don’t have cash or checks they can donate on your More Than Pink Project campaign page (if applicable)

    ___ Put the (event or raffle) ticket table in a central location

    ___ Decorate the event location with lights, balloons, streamers, etc. For More Than Pink Project events, make sure to include the 4 Pillar Colors to represent the wide range of Komen’s work: Purple: Research Green: CareBlue: CommunityOrange: Action

    ___ Take photos and share them with Komen Atlanta on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! We’d love to see them and publicly thank you for hosting your event.

    Additional Suggestions for a Successful Event

    • Give awards or prizes to top fundraisers
    • Don’t try to do it all on your own! Recruit energetic volunteers who can help with everything from pre-event planning to game day setup and execution
    • Plan your playlist in advance. You can even create one on Spotify so fans can find it and listen again later
    • Host a raffle or live auction as part of your event
    • If you have an online registration for the event, be prepared with paper registration forms for folks who request them or for event-day registrations
    • Have paper donation forms and/or share the online fundraising link with event participants. Encourage every participant to collect at least $50 in donations
    • Print registration lists with pre-made seating cards, depending on event (lane assignments for bowling event, etc.)
    • Promote your event hashtags, Snapchat filter, etc. and encourage people to share their events on social media
    • Have cash on hand to make change for attendees registering on-site the day of the event
    • Checks should be made out to either the event host or Komen Atlanta
    • Thank participants, volunteers, sponsors and donors for helping do their part in the fight against breast cancer. If they know they made a difference, they’ll be sure to come back next year

    1: Give 100% and have fun

    Make sure to tell all your donors that you are 100% committed to Komen Atlanta’s mission to enable our community to detect and survive breast cancer by facilitating access to quality care, providing education and supporting research.

    2: Change your mindset

    While you are asking for money, remember that you are giving your supporters the opportunity to make a real impact in the fight against breast cancer.

    3: Rally your team

    Whether you’re tweeting, texting, calling, emailing or shouting it to the world over the loudspeaker at Mercedes-Benz Stadium, be committed. Let people know how far you are from your goal and what they can do to help.

    4: Give to yourself

    The best way to encourage others to give is for them to see that you’ve donated to your efforts first! Lead the way and make a kick-off gift!

    5: Make it personal

    Tell YOUR story about why you are hosting a fundraiser for Komen Atlanta – especially in emails and on your Facebook event page.  The More Than Pink Project site includes a message center  with message templates, but the more personal you make your message, the more people will relate because so many people have been touched by breast cancer.

    6: Ask for help

    You don’t get what you don’t ask for, so make sure you keep asking! Donations don’t always come from where you expect them to, so cast a wide net and make each ask personal! More Than Pink Projects – use your message center to personalize emails.

    7: Show your gratitude

    Say thank you early and often to you donors. Update them on your progress and show them the impact they are having.

    8: Get social

    You’ll be surprised at the support you’ll receive from a Facebook post, Tweet, or Instagram photo. You can even update your Facebook Cover Photo!

    9: Think BIG

    Ask for specific amounts from people you know can give bigger gifts, and don’t be afraid to follow-up with a call if your personal emails are not getting responses.

    10: Start Early

    The earlier you start planning, the more time you’ll have to promote it, get sponsorships (if needed), and plan the details of your event. Allow more time – maybe even several months – for large events like sports tournaments.

    11: Know your audience

    Know who you plan to invite and what sort of event you want to host from the start. When the fundraiser type and audience are well-matched, attendance shouldn’t be a problem.

    12: Promote your event

    Social media, traditional media, and good old-fashioned flyers can be extremely helpful when promoting your fundraiser. Keep the information clear and accurate and don’t forget to include the Who, What, Where, When, Why and How Much.

    13: Get Feedback

    After the event, be sure to follow up with attendees, sponsors and volunteers to find out what they liked about the event and what they would have changed. Getting a sense for what could improve the event in the future can help you plan an even more successful event the next year!


    Registration Email

    In your invitation email, clearly explain what your fundraiser is about. Give the reader all the important event details and be sure to include any special information, such as if you’ll be holding a silent auction or raffle or if there will be food and drinks for purchase. Finally, make sure they understand the value they receive from attending your fundraiser.

    Remember: don’t flood your audience with emails about your fundraiser. Make sure each email has a purpose and that the purpose is clear!

    Reminder Email

    Send a reminder email the day before the event. Include all the important information necessary for all attendees, including time and location, agenda, directions, etc. Make the information in this email very straight forward and easily understood.

     Follow-up Email

    A timely follow-up email is critical after an event. Personalize them for your audience. Send an email to those who attended as well as those who registered but were not able to come. Include content such as post-event photos, links/materials that were mentioned at the event, and where they can sign up for your next event.

    Social media technology can maximize networking and improve event participation and fundraising. Here are some best practices to keep in mind for using your social media channels effectively during your event.


    Create an event hashtag

    Define your hashtag before an event starts and use it across all your social media platforms. When creating a hashtag, keep it relevant to your event, and make it unique, shorty and easy to remember.


    Create an event page

    Use an event page on Facebook to keep your social media followers up to date about your fundraiser. Here, you can communicate details, your fundraising goals, and Komen Atlanta’s Mission: to enable our community to detect and survive breast cancer by facilitating access to quality care, providing education, and supporting research.


    Engage with your audience

    Before your event, tell all your guests about the hashtag! Start the conversation on the hashtag to open up discussion and get your audience familiar with using the hashtag. Display the hashtag at the event and encourage attendees to share. This form of marketing engages other so they can see what you are doing and inspire them to come to your next fundraiser or to donate.

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