Want to fundraise within your community?

Your interest in benefiting Komen Atlanta through your event/promotion is greatly appreciated. Every year, people just like you come together to help us raise more than $450,000! Everyone starts with a great idea and a desire to make a difference. Are you ready to take the next steps to ensure your event/promotion is a success? Let’s go!

Steps to Event Success

  1. Decide what sort of event you want. The sky is the limit so think big! Check out some of these ideas if you need inspiration.
  2. Figure out the details. If you can answer Who? What? Where? When? Why? and How? then you’re ready for the next step.
  3. Set up your event with Komen Atlanta. We’ve got three solid options for you. Check out the boxes below and click each one to learn more.
  4. Host your event! Have fun, share your passion, raise lots of money to save lives in Metro Atlanta.

Your one-stop shop to online fundraising. Can be used alone or with a planned event – great for individual and/or team fundraising! Perfect for special occasions (birthday, wedding, bar or bat mitzvahs). Or fundraise online In Honor of or In Memorial of a loved one.

Ideal for events with ticket or item sales. Sell a product and donate all or a portion of the proceeds. Host a sports tournament and collect entrance fees and ticket sales. Online fundraising is optional.

Host a golf or tennis event at your local course or court. The Rally site has loads of golf and tennis-themed ideas perfect for your next fundraiser.

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Have any questions? Contact Komen Atlanta at 404-814-0052 or email Julie Brock at jbrock@komenatlanta.org

Helpful Documents Quick Links

 Paper Donation Ribbons – Use paper donation ribbons to fundraise within your community or business. We will send you a Donation Ribbons Packet, which will include a poster, toolkit and information, and the ribbons. As people make donations, they can write their name on the ribbon and hang it on a wall to collectively show the impact that your organization/group has made! Fill out this form to request the ribbons today!

More Than Pink Project or Paint It Pink – which one is right for you?

More Than Pink Project

Paint It Pink

Your event requires people to buy tickets to attend?


Want an Online Fundraising Page?



Want to use the Komen ATL logo on a new product


Want to raise funds “In Honor of” or “In Memory of” a loved one?


Do you own or manage a store or restaurant and want to donate a portion of sales from an item/time period?


Do you provide a service and want to donate a portion of your commission/sales?


Will you be asking local businesses to sponsor your event?


Celebrating a birthday, wedding or other special occasion and want to collect donations in lieu of gifts?


Does your school or workplace want to host a jeans day, bake sale, penny wars, etc. to raise funds among the staff/students?


If your event or idea isn’t covered in the list above or covers more than one of the scenarios, then give us a call at 404-814-0052 and we’ll help you figure out which is best for you and your fundraising idea.