Your help is needed now, more than ever.

Susan G. Komen Greater Atlanta established the Komen Atlanta COVID-19 Action Fund to support urgent needs among our breast cancer community today.


Who’s at Risk?


The corona virus pandemic is new, unprecedented and confusing. Komen Atlanta is committed to keeping you informed with the latest news and guidance as the situation evolves.

Those most vulnerable within the breast cancer community include those living with metastatic breast cancer, breast cancer patients and survivors. Certain breast cancer therapies can cause immune systems to be compromised both during and long after treatment ends.


You can help ensure support continues for those in need, including:


Komen’s breast care information helpline.

Treatment Assistance

Helping patients stay in treatment through assistance programs.

Patient Support

Guiding Patients through difficult decisions and providing social and emotional support.

Legal Assistance

Removing legal barriers to treatment and wellness for patients.

Diagnostic Support

Making diagnostic services available to those with symptoms who need immediate follow up.

Research Funding

Funding for lifesaving research and clinical trials.


Take Precaution, What You Need to Know

Tips and Resources to Protect Yourself and Your Family

    Breast cancer patients are among the most vulnerable to COVID-19. Learn about coronavirus and your risks.

    Undue stress may be experienced by anyone during this pandemic, especially by those more vulnerable to COVID-19. Learn how to reduce and manage stress.



    Latest News and Updates

    COVID-19 Response is Evolving, Remain Informed

      Komen Atlanta will provide the latest news, updates, and recommendations on our Komen Atlanta Blog and our COVID-19 Updates page.


      Support for breast cancer patients and survivors is imperative. 


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